Friday, October 16, 2009

The Saga of the DIY..

There were many additions to the wedding that I just had to make myself. Some were really simple and some I could have just dug my head in the ground like an ostrich for even getting my self into but nonetheless, I finished everything I started even if it was overkill...I am a determined little Coquette. Here are some Paper Projects....

Needless to say, the accommodation and directions insert caused me much drama because of course what the hotel and reception hall gave me was insufficient in my simply would not do and I had to do something that matched! So, I got busy and voila, the booklet was born...

I remember going through my parents wedding guest book and wedding cards when I was younger and I know that I wanted a book that our children could easily go through when they wanted to. I purchased a Martha Stewart Archival Album, and embellished the pages with vintage style blank postcards that I printed myself and black photo corners. The effect was gorgeous and each page looks like it has an authentic vintage postcard because everyone had a different style of filling it in, little doodles and special messages made the book come alive. My mom found that gorgeous feather pen which she gave to me on my bridal shower and it tied the entire vintage glam vibe together...Swoon.

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