Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Coquette Trash the Dress Shoot

This the real deal...she actually dove into the water!!!
Luckily, Leo from Infinite Images Photography was there to capture the whole thing! A big thanks to all of them for sharing these gorgeous photos and accompanying video of the session. Melissa and Jordan looked so at ease and not to mention so in love. Melissa was kind enough to share with us a little bit about the session.

What was the feeling you were trying to go for with this session?:

When I got to the site I was in taken by the breath taking views.
This time around for pictures, the hubby and I are were so relaxed and it was amazing because I think during your wedding you are so nervous and worry about everything going on.This time around it was just him and me. We were able to just let go and have so much fun.

Which is your favorite picture and why?:

I love the one of me alone coming out of the water on the rocks because my husband said that is when you see my true beauty. He said that he is blowing that picture up for his office and that is how he wants to remember me when we grew old.

Bravo Coquette!

Be sure to check the video from this shoot at

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