Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Do I Love Today?

Mariann from Blue Daisy Weddings...


Because, I came across the most fabulous pics that she took of some of my bestest buddies who I LOVE to pieces. My 2009 Wedding Sisters and I always have an amazing time when we are together and A BIG HUG to Mariann for capturing us all at our bests!
Yes, that is me having way too much fun dancing by myself (where was my hubby) That is just what Coquettes do, I guess...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Coquette Bridal Shower

Ilona was fantastically intuitive enough to know that her bridal shower would be something that would make me squeal with delight. I could not wait to get my coquette paws on these and when I saw them, I immediately swooned!

The theme was a yellow and white backyard fĂȘte, completely inspired by Martha (fyi, we are on a first name basis). Yellow is Ilona's favorite color but she found difficulty incorporating it into her fall wedding, it was however perfect for a summer outdoor bridal shower!

I am completely in love with how creative they got. They served Yellow Tail Chardonnay and Coronas and gave Lemon Heads and Citrus Soap as favors. The activities and games included Guess Who Bought These Panties? , the bride had to guess which guest bought the panties and if she got it right she got to keep them, if she got it wrong, the person got to decide if she could still have them. They also played Draw a Picture of the Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day, Ilona says this was her favorite game because the pictures were so creative, she even had a mustache in one!You can see how much love and effort her bridal party put into her shower. I ADORE how everyone, even the guests have pretty dresses on!

My absolute favorite, is the butterfly who kept landing on her bridal shower banner and on her hair when she was opening gifts...

It could not have been more perfect!

Lovemorephoto shot these amazing pics and I just love how these photos really capture the genuine happiness of this group. Lovemorephoto definitely has a knack for this!! Big Hug to them! I think that this new trend of having professional photos of your bridal shower is fantastic. These are some of the greatest memories you will have and it's worth working with your photographer a few times before your wedding.

Look at the butterfly!

Yellow Daisies!

Love the Clothesline!

Look at the butterfly..again!

Love those!

Pretty Dresses!

Ilona in her perfect bridal shower dress!

Daisy and Citrus Centerpieces.

Fresh Lemonade.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coquette Winners!!!

A Drum Roll and Fancy Two Step for......

Christine and Danielle!!!

But in true Coquette fashion...we are all winners and those of you who entered will receive
20% off your Le Ink Coquette order because that is just how Coquettes roll..think of it as getting
Coquette Bucks...

Congratulations Coquettes!

Email me at to start your creations!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Coquette Giveaway Ends Wednesday!!!

Click Me to Enter

A Coquette Bride

12th Night Photography

This week's Coquette is June. Her pictures are stunning and I could read her interview over and over, she is hilarious.

Theme, if any:

We definitely wanted an outdoor, daytime wedding. And figured what better way to highlight the outdoors and the daytime than a garden themed wedding! I think gardens and I think bright colors, so when I stumbled across the color scheme of pink and orange, I was head over heels in love (despite being told that it was Dunkin Donuts colors!). If you were to look into the details of the wedding though, I guess you might think our theme was more based off our color scheme - the main "garden" part of it was the fact that we got married in the gardens at our reception hall. But the pinks and oranges were laced throughout the entire hall...from the signature cocktails to the card box, place cards, invites and programs to the cake and most importantly (as my husband would say!) his tie...he was slightly obsessed!

Describe your wedding dress and why you chose it:
As you would say darling, swooon! I love my dress. When shopping my biggest concern was whether my hubs would like the dress I chose. When I asked him what he would pick for me, he had two things to say: nothing big and poofy and if you're going to get a strapless, I don't want to see you picking it up all night because all the dancing is making the dress fall below your boobies! Ha. After seeing myself in a classic "cinderella" dress I knew big and poofy was not the way to go, but I had my heart set on a strapless...which is what I got (and surprisingly, I did not have to lift it once - except for my wardrobe malfunction during the dip at the cake cutting, but that's another story!) It was ivory, had a cascading waterfall skirt, beautiful bead work and lovely lace scalloped the bottom of the chapel length train. The bead work on the back was amazing and made the bustle one of my favorite parts of the dress! It had that antique look to it, so I coordinated all of my jewelry and headpiece around that idea.

Your Favorite Wedding Detail:
The first would have to be my husband's shoes. When he told me about the shoes he was getting, I was floored. But he pulled them off and looked devastatingly handsome! The second would be our table numbers. We used our engagement pictures. The unique detail was that we picked our table numbers at random. I think the numbers wound up being 16, 62, 86, 39, 72, etc...everyone was confused, ha, but doing something goofy like that it totally "us"!

The Moment You Remember The Most:
Total cliche but seeing my husband for the first time. Without a doubt, that moment will forever be engraved in my memory - seeing his face and listening to him tell me over and over how beautiful I looked made every ounce of crazy stressful drama that took place during the planning 100% worth it. In that moment, you remember why you are doing this - because before you stands the love of your life! I have to mention one other moment because it's hilarious! As we were are about to say our vows, the priest is speaking and I see my hubs laughing. I'm appalled, I'm like who laughs at the priest when he's about to have us recite our vows?? Turns out I was in a complete lovey dovey daze...and what my husband (and everyone else for that matter!) was laughing at was...a truck that was backing up in the parking lot and all anyone could hear was BEEP BEEP BEEP. OOPS! At least a good laugh was had by all!

One thing you would change knowing what you know now was 100% a dream come true. Fantabulous...

I am dying to know more about the wardrobe malfunction and am loving the hubby's shoes!

Bravo Coquette!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Coquette Goodies

Natalie is a super sweet bride who needed table numbers. When I asked her what she liked, she immediately threw the words script, scroll, pink and crowns at me...can we just say the Coquette was hooked at that point! Here are some of her Works in Progress.

Coquette Loves...
 any shape, size or color!! Sure, my favorite flower has a bad reputation because it's not cheap and will probably wilt by the end of the night..but SWOON they were gorgeous on my big day and not too shabby by the end of the night...kind of like the

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Props 2.0

We have all been are at a wedding in a lovely dress. Your date is handsome in a gray suit perhaps and yes his tie matches your dress, not in that obnoxious, obvious fashion, but in a "my take a look at that dashing, charming couple over there" way and all of a sudden it happens!

You are accosted by a plastic lei or a blow up guitar...oh the humanity!

Not sure where this started or why but the thought alone makes me break out into hives. However, I have been noticing a resurgence of Wedding Props but even better...even more creative than it's corny, hive causing predecessors....

I present to you Wedding Props 2.0..

These pics show just how far a carefully thought out prop can go and how it can serve for some AMAZING photographs...

Lauren was kind enough to share her absolutely adorable and swoon worthy wedding prop candid shots!

The clown nose and pirate hat and the Darth Vader's almost too perfect!!!
That first pic needs to go blown up and placed over a fireplace for generations to come to enjoy!!

These following lovely diddies are from my very own wedding!

We had an Old Hollywood Wedding and wanted the props to turn our venue into a vintage Hollywood back lot!

How GORGEOUS was that Casablanca suitcase!! SWOON!

Yes, that is the Coquette's grandmother in the aviator hat and goggles!
Do you see the bridesmaid in the background putting the pharaoh hat on a guest's head!!

Me imitating Audrey!! I had that all planned out!

Look at Mr. Coquette in the top hat...never mind my poker

Sailor Hats are the cat's pajamas!

No wedding is complete without a billy club.

Lawrence of Arabia!!

Hope you enjoy the inspiration Coquettes!
There are a few more ideas I would like to share but I like to keep you in anticipation!

Giveaway Extended....Winner Will Be Announced Wednesday

Leave a comment!! You gotta be in it to win it!

Winner gets a set of Customized Table Numbers or Menus
For my married Coquettes Mr. & Mrs. Calling Cards!

Leave Comment Here

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Need This!

Can someone forward this to Mr. Coquette before he buys me another GPS!!!

I need this..must have it...want to marry it!!!

SWOON!!! More than Swoon...Sigh!!!!

Get it at The Paris Apartment

You can get 2 and send one my way!! Wink..Wink
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