Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Swoon!

It drives the Coquette bananas when she finds something absolutely perfect and it is available in another country like... Well, I am sure we can find these gorgeous gowns somewhere but please visit this site for some amazing inspiration because the photographs themselves are breathtaking! These are some of my favorite gowns!

Maybe, we can all take a little trip to Perth!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Coquette After Wedding Session

How gorgeous is Allegra...she looks so happy she could burst. Mariann from Blue Daisy has done it again. Allegra was awesome enough to give us some insight on her amazing photos.

What feeling were you going for in these pics?

The day of our wedding was practically a monsoon, as was much of June 2009. The weather didn't slow us down one bit one our wedding day however, we took refuge inside The Royalton and did all of our photos inside the gorgeous mansion. When our photographer Mariann of Blue Daisy Weddings suggested we come back at the end of the summer to shoot some portraits in the garden (where our wedding ceremony and photos were supposed to take place), I was BEYOND stoked! Any opportunity to get dolled up and shoot with Mariann I (and Michael haha) will take! We planned the shoot for a Tuesday evening the first week of Septmeber. It was a gorgeous evening! We started at The Royalton in the garden, and on the lawns. We brought our Shih-Tzu Abby along for some fun as well! She wasn't a part of our wedding day, so it was really fun to play with her in the gardens at the Royalton. She's a ham! We then took a short car ride to the school playground behind our house for some more fun times. We got to play on the slide, the swings, and Michael took off upside down on the slide bar! Mariann and I were hysterical! It was a great evening, so much fun!
Michael and I decided to go with a real "day-after" concept for the look of our shoot. I had my hair up for the wedding, so we did my hair long and flowing, slightly pulled back. It was meant to look as if I had taken out my updo and my hair was flowing free and natural. We decided against bouquets, and boutonieres. We wanted it to be as natural possible. I replaced Michael's bout with a purple pocket square to compliment my bow. Mariann suggested we get some balloons in our colors to add to the youthful feel of the shoot.

Which is your favorite photo and why?

My absolute favorite photo is the one of the two of us in the red slide. It looks like there's a lot of space in there, but it was REALLY hard to get in there with my huge gown, AND fit Michael in there too! It was hard! My heart was racing after those shots! You can see how big our smiles are, and how much fun we're truly having.

Bravo Coquette

Photography:Blue Daisy Weddings
Makeup: Chante
Hair: Kelly R. Cactus Syosset

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's the Great White Pumpkin!

Now, Fall weddings are beautiful and having a fall wedding offers you easily, a gorgeous color palette. But we all know the the Coquettes adores the about a Fall wedding that centers on a gorgeous White pumpkin! I definitely SWOONED when I saw these..what a refreshing take on an old classic...paired with black accents...Coquettes it's a home run..
You can also see that paired with unexpected jeweled tones like the table setting below is a refreshing treat!

Having a hard time finding white pumpkins.....well do not fret, apparently they are super easy to paint white...!!

Silly Coquette!

During my many Coquette trips to the Post Office, I am rarely inspired but yesterdays visit was something different...As I stood there laden with coquette deliveries I spied with my little eye, these lovelies.....

Now the Prima Coquette had to play it cool and not let all the other Post Office patrons know what I gold mine these stamps were...with my heart pounding, I asked the teller in my most uninterested, glamorous, Old Hollywood way...

"I need to ship these packages..Oh, and throw in 8 sheets of those Gary Cooper stamps"...

It helps to look at your cell phone or something at the end of the sentence, so you can hide your excitement and not let the jig up!

The teller did look at me bizarrely but I was cool as a cucumber, even arched one eyebrow in a what you looking at fashion!!

So coquettes, is it bizarre that I completely purchased these stamps before I even finished designing my thank you card and have no idea what the weight will be?? I could not help myself, I mailed my wedding invites via Bette Davis and she rocked. I am mesmerized by his eyes and plan to calligraphy them in the same color ink...Oh, tempt me so...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giveaway Update!

UPDATE...Big thank you to By Your Side Events for adding in a FREE Half Day Wedding Coordination into the wonderful giveaway. ..Don't forget to enter

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giveaway!! Because we LOVE our Coquettes

Arek from LoveMore Photo is have a MAJOR giveaway Coquettes!
Who would not love and adore to have their pictures taken by Arek, he is amazing and you all need to snatch up this opportunity for FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION.

Not only do you get SWOONTASTIC photos but you also win a set of Table Numbers or a set of 50 Wine Bottle Labels from your Prima Coquette at Le Ink Coquette to showcase your photos!! Win/Win in my book.

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Good Luck Coquettes...I am so jealous!!!

Now Swoon over Arek's handywork!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Rustic Coquette

Maybe it's the recent chill in the air but the Prima Coquette is dreaming of a Rustic Wedding, I would love to get lost among the wood and glow in a Bonzie Shrug...aubergine will do just fine...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Edie Sedgwick

If I feel tired or uninspired..I think of Edie...
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