Monday, October 12, 2009

A Coquette Engagement

This couple may look

Prima Coquette and Mr. Coquette spend the day in NYC running around on a gorgeous September day and yes, the shoes were killing me but the pain was worth it.

Most of our favorite movies are old movies set in it was natural that we wanted to be in the nitty gritty, hustle and bustle if it. It was an amazing experience to just walk around and find cool places to stop and take pics, even though at any given time there were a thousand people standing and staring..I, being the ham that I am, had no issue but the hubby was certainly uncomfortable at the beginning, but as you can see his vain, GQ side kicked and he was doing just fine.

My FAVORITE photo, is the one of us at the table. The gingham tablecloth, the's like Lady and the Tramp.

A big thank you to Leo from Infinite Images who captured exactly what we wanted in these pics. You are a rock star!

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