Friday, October 9, 2009

I Promise Not to Make You Wear an Ugly Dress..

The next natural step for me was establishing what the Fellowship of the Ring (Bridesmaids) would be wearing.

I knew I wanted high glamour, big hair, chunky jewelry and NO I have nothing against satin, per say, but who decided that all bridesmaids dresses have to be satin. I wanted flowy and most of all flattering...I was not tied to any color either. I believe that the dress should dictate the color, some dresses look gorgeous in specific colors and fall flat in others. It is important to be opened-minded in regards to what will complement the dress and your wedding. Here are some of the contenders, as well as the winner...

I LOVED this but it was a Nordstrom summer dress and by the time we were ready to order there were not enough sizes available...bleh..

This had the makings of being perfect because it was flowy and I loved embellishments but it was a clingy stretchy material..the kind that shows rivers and canyons..if you know what I

This is just plain gorgeous but it was satin and the whole back being out proved to be a bit of an issue for anyone who was not a Victoria Secret model...


Not Satin..CHECK
Fierce, flowy and oh so coquettish...CHECKITY...CHECK...CHECK...


Like graceful swans..I tell

The color I chose just because I loved the combo and it reminded me of a vintage gown in an
Old Hollywood movie...

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  1. That Bari Jay is my BM dress!!! I love it!!!


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