Monday, August 31, 2009

Speechless..Have you seen the Preview?

For Where the Wild Things Are...Be still my heart!
I cannot get over how amazing this is going to be!

A Coquette Trash the Dress Session

Sweet Coquettes, the moment I saw these pics I knew I had to post them. I simply ADORE the theme and creativity. These two are gorgeous and look like they are having an amazing time. How refreshing to see a session somewhere completely original and different, they took a gamble and it absolutely paid off. I love Michelle's originality and her converse sneakers rock!

A big hug and thank you to Michelle for sharing these SWOON-WORTHY photos with us!
Bravo Coquette~

These were shot by Patken Photographers at Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York

Confession Part 2

As Mr. Coquette and I still attempt the never ending task of getting our new apartment situated, we keep squabbling over wedding wares I CANNOT bear to part with. Last time, it was our flower initials and this week sweet coquettes, it's the Here Comes the Bride Sign. I do admit, it is not a piece that will blend in with any decor but who, may I ask. can part with this, especially after I worked so hard on it!!! coquette tears....

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Prima Coquette's After Wedding Portraits..Swoon

My sweet Coquettes...I knew that I waited my whole life to have my beautiful wedding and marry my soul mate and perfect match Mr. Coquette. I had absolutely no idea that I was unknowingly waiting my whole life to take my After Wedding Portraits with Mariann from
Blue Daisy Weddings.

She is, in one word, SWOONTASTIC and she made my dreams come true with these photographs.

Please enjoy Coquettes and be sure to check Mariann out!

Coquette Goodies Live Action..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Coquette Engagement

Now, sweet coquettes..this is amazing and right up my alley. How fantastic is it to be able to take engagement photos at the American Museum of Natural History. SWOON...and a big SIGH..

A big thanks to Cindy for sharing these amazing photos and planting picture envy in

Bravo Coquette~

What was the theme or feeling you were trying to get with your engagement photos:

Well the reason I choose the American Museum of Natural History is
because we used to go there often when we first began dating since it
was a cheap date, LOL!!! You could spend the day there and it
wouldn't cost that much. We are both in the science field as well so
it was an interesting place to see and there was always something new.
In addition, I wanted to pick a unique location to get pictures that
nobody else would have.

Below are Cindy's favorite pic and she also shared with us why they makes her swoon..

These are some of my favorites.... The 1st pic I love because of the
great background, the 2nd picture is great because we are so natural and I
love the shadow on the fossil, the 3rd picture looks like quintessential NYC
picture and we are very natural, and the 4th picture conveys a soft and
touching moment that I love. Lastly, the 5th picture, I love too since I could
see us with kids next to us observing..I don't know it just touches me.

Duet Photography
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